Hi, I'm Sarah. I like taking pictures, cheerleading, and tanning.

Anything on this page is a picture that I've taken, please don't post them to any other websites (:
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Picture update of my lyfeeee, finally off at college and joined a sorority (: tri delta is where it’s at ;) 
Now I’m gonna disappear for like 20 more years hahaha

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❀Summer Paradise❀

Honestly like what is tumblr….?

I haven’t been on here in forever.

sunkissed-seahorse asked: I have two questions!! Where do you get your bathing suits from and what kind of camera so you have!? :)

I get most of my bathing suits from Victoria’s Secret and my camera is a Canon EOS 60D!


so freaking cute

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Not bad for someone who usually backspots! ((:

yay for backspots! 
I don’t know if the flyer or the one manner is the backspot but I honestly hate comments like that or ones with “just a backspot”. Just! Just? Dude. I am a proud backspot that gets under stunts and knows for damn sure that 95% of the stunts would not go as smoothly or at all if I were not there.

^ Hi I’m the one that’s usually the backspot and I was flying, where did I say “just a backspot”…? I was proud of myself for flying because that’s the first time I’ve ever flown coed.
Not bad for someone who usually backspots! ((:
This is our year (:



more summer here!

active summer blog. following back summer/tropical/ocean blogs  ☀

Anonymous asked: Hi :)

Hay theree